Great Impacts of Technology to The Society

12 Apr

Technology is the developments in the sector of infrastructure, roads, equipment and majorly in all fields in the society. It is the technology that has triggered great things to happen with ease and it has always been the backbone of the economy. It goes hand in hand with the economy in that improved technology is very vital in all aspects of life.

There are very many importance of the technology in the current generation and has surely impacted positively on them. Starting with transportation, technology has really done good on it.People, goods and services are able to move swiftly within and across the borders and thus has promoted trading activities which has improved the living standards of people. On roads, fast moving vehicles are now operating and people are able to get to their destinations and get the services especially getting to hospitals and workplaces. Industries have been set up along the roads where they can be accessed and the perishable goods never get spoilt by taking too long to  be delivered because of the inaccessible roads.

There are lots of tight securities in our society because of the improved security. As many idle people are working to maliciously gain wealth, the security imposed in all business setups prevents the incidences. The CCTVs installed at homes, hospitals, schools, offices and business firms capture any move taken by anyone and thus people fear to make mistakes of any kind. The security guards also have been highly trained and provided with improved gadgets for detecting weapons or illegals carried.

People are now able to access all the information at and happenings in the country and even the whole nation through the audio visual devices in media and communication. Almost all people can see live what is happening through the digital televisions, computers and Can hear through the radios. The world has grown into a global village due to the communication devices that has made it possible to reach to other people however far they are. You can communicate with anyone across the seas within few seconds and you can see them through the video calls. The communication devices have also helped people with security matters, where when attacked or involved in an accident you can communicate to the right people for help.

Working outputs at have also improved a great deal in industries and has reduced labor and saved time. In most cases, you just operate the equipment or direct it and the work is done. The quality of output is improved a great deal since errors are minimal making it almost perfect.

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